SOLD - WTS 25 mil SP Level 4 Missions/Exhumer/Ore processing pilot

Name: Aroka Darkblight SP: 25,754,603
Extractable Injectors: 41 (worth 20.5 Bil)

Aroka has a positive wallet, no kills rights, 1.6K unallocated SP and 1 remap available.
He can process all High-Sec ores, run LVL4 Missions efficiently on Amarr & Caldari battleships and Research BPO’s.

Location: Eitu


  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1
  • Memory Augmentation - Standard
  • Neural Boost - Standard
  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2
  • Social Adaptation Chip - Standard
  • Zainou ‘Gypsy’ CPU Management EE-603
  • Zainou ‘Snapshot’ Heavy Missiles HM-705
  • Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Guided Missile Precision GP-805
  • Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Target Navigation Prediction TN-905
  • Inherent Implants ‘Highwall’ Mining MX-1005

Level V Skills:

  • Drone Avionics * Drones * Light Drone Operation
  • Medium Drone Operation * CPU Management * Capacitor Management
  • Capacitor Systems Operation * Power Grid Management * Leadership
  • Missile Launcher Operation * Cybernetics * Advanced Industry
  • Astrogeology * Kernite Processing * Mining
  • Mining Upgrades * Pyroxeres Processing * Reprocessing
  • Reprocessing Efficiency * Scordite Processing * Veldspar Processing
  • Advanced Laboratory Operation * Laboratory Operation
  • Metallurgy * Research * Science
  • Shield Management * Shield Operation * Shield Upgrades
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation * Caldari Frigate * Exhumers
  • Gallente Cruiser * Mining Barge * Spaceship Command

Auction ends on 5 January 2020.
Starting Bid: 19.5 Billion.
Buyout: 21.5 Billion
I will pay the transfer costs.

Confirming I am for sale.

Daily Bump.

Does this character have access to level 4 locator agents?

Yes I do.

Daily Bump A

18 bill ready

Sorry Vold, thats too low. I would rather extract the skills and sell the extractors myself.
I would consider a 19.5 Billion offer.

Daily Bump A

Bump A

19bil as need to inject gunnery or missile skills to mission good

Thank you for the bid battlers behatch, If no Higher bid is received before close date the character will be yours. If you Bid 19.5 or higher I will close sale within 48 Hours.

Daily Bump A

Bump A

19.5 bill ready !

@gnan beep

I will take 19.5 as B/O as I was forbidden to mention EVE (including use the forums) while on Xmas holidays LOL. She wins.

Please transfer ISK to me and provide account details via PM or in-game.

Merry Xmas o7
thank you very much for acceptance

Please check your mail and wallet and let me know when the transfer starts.

Sorry for the delay. I was called out for pre-Xmas shores. Checking now.

HI Gnan,

I can confirm payment received. Please confirm the “account name” either via pm or in-game.