SOLD(WTS 278Million SP Character)

Total SP = 278, 546, 146

Wallet Balance = +

Kill Rights = none associated with this character

Character is located in hi sec

Character has complete +5 augmentations

Remap available

Sec Status = 5.1

Character is in NPC corp

Birthdate = 03/22/2009

Jump clones = 1 in hi sec with complete +5 augmentations

1 in hi sec with complete +4 augmentations

This character has a very strong set of skills and can adapt to most any requirements with minimal additional training. I would like to realize 250 Billion ISK from the sale.

Let us go with a minimum bid of 225 Billion ISK and a Buyout of 250 Billion ISK

220bil buy out. Isk in hand

If you wish to bump the offer to 230 Billion, I think we could come to amicable settlement.

I’d be willing to go to 222bil. Again isk in hand. Can send now

Sounds reasonable. Send ISK and I will initiate transfer.

Oh. Send account name you want it transferred to.

deal, isk/mail sent

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