[SOLD] WTS 28.5m SP Focused Rorq Pilot


Perfect yield focused Rorqual miner.

Will be in Jita 4-4 at time of sale.
Positive wallet, no assets.
No kill rights.

Have ideas of price in mind, wanting offers first. Evemails to this character are encouraged, as well as replies to the thread.


24B offer

25 B offer

25.5B offer

26 B offer

26.5b offer

27 B offer

28.5b b/o

29B offer

30b offer

yes lmao you will never own this pilot

33b offer

yes lmao you will never own this pilot

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@Haode_Haode I’ll accept your 40b offer, send details in evemail to the char as well as isk and I’ll begin transfer.

I apologize for not seeing clearly the character of the skill made a mistake in my decision to revoke my offer。

I’ll accept your 33b offer since Haode backed out. As below, send isk and account details to the character and I’ll initiate transfer.

My offer is 28.5b since all of the bids are invalid if he doesn’t want the character anymore.

29B offer

29.5b offer