[SOLD] WTS 34M SP Orca / Miner / Combat Pilot

This veteran workhorse is looking for a new handler…

[Character Sheet]

34.7M SP
Located in Jita
No kill rights
Has set of +3 basic implants 1-5 (and few hard-wiring for missiles and shields)
Positive wallet
Positive sec status
1 normal remaps

Buyout: 32B (OBO)
Will cover transfer fee
All CCP Rules Apply

20b offer

22b offer

23 than

27b bo offer

will do 30b for you

I take the 32b BO than

pls confirm

Offer is accepted (Jess Ica). Pls send acct. info and isk to this character.

Money transfered and accout details transmitted via email.

Isk Received Jess… Character transfer started.

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