[SOLD] WTS 39.5Msp Avatar Titan toon with T2 Revelation skills


pw: 1234

39.5M sp, focused in Amarr titan and dreadnaught (JDC V, Amarr Titan IV, T2 guns, Amarr Dread IV, T2 Siege), . Have a full set of hg slaves as well. Can also fly a deemer with t2 guns.

Clean record, no kill right, currently in npc null sec

Looking for 30B given the titan skillbook and hg slaves pod included.

27b initial offer.

27B Offer accepted, will finish evacuation of assets and start transfer process within 24 hours

Ready for transfer, awaiting isk before I start the transfer process. Please also send me the account name (whether in game or here) for the account you want this character to go towards

ISK sent to Kristina Yassavi. Messaging that toon with account to transfer to. Thank you for transaction!

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Thank you for the prompt response! Transfer fee paid and transfer initiated!

Thank you for purchasing me!