SOLD WTS 4 2.6b low freighter Pilots (read) ZERO available

Actually maxmagnus is in transfer process atm. I will be send isk and supplying account info. His slot will be available in the next few hours. I can send isk now, but you will need to delay xfer till he is moved to another account. Let me know.

no problem send the isk and i deliver tomorrow when i can do so (i am a trsutable seller and online just now).

Sure, Isk will be sent in the next few minutes with the account info as well.

Isk Sent. Account name supplied. Please allow 9Hrs before initiating transfer for Hank Ellison

@Inactive_Seller that account has room for another character, please send Hank Watson when you can

hank WATSON delivered. Waiting the isk /account for ellison

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received isk and acc for hank ellison, ready for transfer but your are involved currently in a transfer. I retry in an hour aprox or tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning is better. Thanks

Ok i do so, time to go to sleep.

As you know guys, tomorro no forums. If someone interested in Hank rogers send to him the 2.6, i stay with him AFK in the stabucks tomorrow and tabbing.

@lady_claymore send acc name and isk to Stark and i deliver when i get in the morning.

Hank ellison delivered

Received thank you

You welcome, two pilots available now.

misclicked - watch wrong skillplan :o

sorry retracted

I receive an evemail from the possible buyer of stark saying have money problems. Then stark and Rokers are available.

sorry due to financial restraints I have to withdraw my offer

This thread is closed because i receive a new offer

Hank Stark please will send isk in the morning as explained in game mail

Hi, i am the new owner but really was an error for me purchase three. I can sell me for 2.6 as you offfer. If interested send me the 2.6 and the account and i send in the morning. Answer the thread please when you send the isk

so are there any of these toons left to sell if yes which ones

I purchase three pilots from Inactive Seller .

  • Hank Stark
  • Hank Rogers
  • Hank White (a little less than the other two and wa not listed here)

I think in have four freighters doing couriers missions but cant manage four accounts at same time. My attention span is three max. I see your message, and i can sell to you Hank Stark Again because i cant use him for the reasons above. I see your mail in Hank Rogers asking for sell and i answer here.

Yes, i sell Hank rogers to you in the 2.6 when you send the isk tomorrow. Its ok for you ?