SOLD WTS Low freighter , training VNI 4.5m decent name

(Hank White) #1

hank white, was training to vni, freighter ready in 10 hours.

I need pay 20 euros per transfer, then 3.8b is my low, today i can sell at 3.6 but tomorrow is 3.8

All are in High sec
positive wallet
no kill rights.

Answer thread i am not reading eve mail.

SOLD WTS Three base pilots 4.5m, freighter, VNI decent names no history
(Harold Crane) #2

If you are online now, Id have the 3.6b ready.

(Hank White) #3

Yes i am online, snd me the isk and account and i deliver in five minutes.

(Harold Crane) #4

account info and isk sent

(Hank White) #5


(Hank White) #6

I transfer the pilot one minute ago, please confirm of received the evemail.

(Harold Crane) #7

Can confirm email recieved. Pleasure doing business with you :slight_smile:

(system) #8

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