SOLD WTS Three base pilots 4.5m, freighter, VNI decent names no history

No problem irene, Hank white is available and Old Padawan too.

Isk and account info sent to hank rogers.

Thank you, but I’ll pass, best of luck on your sales, I’m sure they’ll find a good home. :slight_smile:

Hank rogers delivered.

Thank you very much.

Today bump. I can sell for 3.6 today only.

Old_Padawan is still available?

Yes send he isk and acc name and i deliver in less than five minutes

3.6 BO

@discova, both chars are now available in 3.6b for today me and hank white.

Sorry, 3.6BO for Old Padawan ?

@discova, yes, i delier old padawan to the first people to send me 3.6b, i go to connect now.

3.6b isk sent for Old Padawan

Please confirm

received Discova Isk. I deliver in 5 minutes Old Padawan and create a new thread for the last pilot.

I sent in-game email to Old Padawan with act to send character to.

Character Old Padawan delivered, sorry for the delay but for some reason the first credit card dont pass and i need do again with other.

you sent it to the account in the in-game email yes?

Email received thank you very much sir!

You welcome.

Hank white is in new thread

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