SOLD WTS 4 2.6b low freighter Pilots (read) ZERO available

(Inactive Seller) #1

Because the omega expires, i have now 4 pilots at 3.8b points , ready to boar any freighter in 10 hours if your put the book of freighter. They are not high pilots, but are not paper thin ones.

All without history, ccp rules , in jita, positive wallet, no kill rights.

Asking 2.6 per each, because i pay the transfer. SOLD SOLD available available

I interested answer the thread, i am not reading evemail.

Asking 2.6 per each, because i pay the transfer.

(Hank Rogers) #2

I am for sale.

(Hank Ellison) #3

I am for sale

(Hank Stark) #4

I am for sale

(Hank Watson) #5

I am for sale.

(Brock Khans) #6

Good to see you back on the Bazaar

(Inactive Seller) #7

Thanks, too much work trips lately in my life. =)

(Tyronnix) #8

Glad to see you back as well. I’ll offer 2.5b for one

(Inactive Seller) #10

2.6 is my low. Choose one and i deliver iwhen i find a Starbucks.

(Tyronnix) #11

I can make that work I’ll send isk and account info shortly

(Sarah Baxter) #12

Sorry for answer here @inactive_seller, i dont see the thread about the jump freighter .

(Inactive Seller) #13

I dont put it yet. Not sure of value and tomorrow no forums.

(Lady Claymore) #14

2.6 bill for Hank Stark? Off line now until morning.

(Tyronnix) #16

Sent isk and account info for Hank Watson

(Inactive Seller) #17

@lady_claymore send acc name and isk to Stark and i deliver when i get.

(Inactive Seller) #18

tyronnix, you account have too much characters. Isk and acc received.

If u want i can deliver later to that account

(Tyronnix) #19

That will work. I started the biomass a while ago so it should have about three hours left

(Inactive Seller) #20

Ok i deliver then.

(Maxmagnus) #21

I’ll buy either Ellison (preferable) or Rogers, for 2.6B. Let me know to whom to transfer ISK, thanks.

(Inactive Seller) #22

Siold., send the isk and acc and answer here and i deliver, only need know the name to enter and transfer.