SOLD WTS Three base pilots 4.5m, freighter, VNI decent names no history

(Old Padawan) #1

Hi, i am interested in consolidate my pilots, then i am selling three pilots, all are 4.5m points aprox, no history, decent names

VNI Pilot without history 3.8b

Freighter ready in 10 hours, good base cpu, hull, mechanics, powergrid 3.8b SOLD

hank white, was training to vni, freighter ready in 10 hours.

I need pay 20 euros per transfer, then 3.8b is my low,

All are in High sec
positive wallet
no kill rights.

Answer thread i am not reading eve mail.

(Hank White) #2

Link for third pilot :

I am for sale

(Hank Rogers) #3

I am for sale.

(Irene Colette) #4

I’d do 6.5B for Padawan and Hank.

(Asanari Shikoken) #5

3.8bil for hank rogers

(Old Padawan) #6

Asanari, sold, send the isk nd acc name.

Irene, what of the two hanks ?

(Asanari Shikoken) #7

Wait, I did not see any post here, and it is already sold?

(Old Padawan) #8

Asanari, i sold to you, i was notr clear. Send the isk nd i deliver in less than 5 minutes.

(Asanari Shikoken) #9

Uh, ok, xD. Give me a sec.

(Irene Colette) #10

Oh wait, I’m an idiot, and didn’t realize there were two hank character. I was interested in old_padawan and hank_rogers. My mistake.

(Old Padawan) #11

No problem irene, Hank white is available and Old Padawan too.

(Asanari Shikoken) #12

Isk and account info sent to hank rogers.

(Irene Colette) #13

Thank you, but I’ll pass, best of luck on your sales, I’m sure they’ll find a good home. :slight_smile:

(Old Padawan) #14

Hank rogers delivered.

(Asanari Shikoken) #15

Thank you very much.

(Old Padawan) #16

Today bump. I can sell for 3.6 today only.

(Grunch) #17

Old_Padawan is still available?

(Old Padawan) #18

Yes send he isk and acc name and i deliver in less than five minutes

(Discova) #19

3.6 BO

(Old Padawan) #20

@discova, both chars are now available in 3.6b for today me and hank white.