SOLD - WTS 42m Focused Combat Nyx/Thanatos Alt

Skylee Aurieux -

Pilot was created as a focused combat super alt with additional training to act a decent fax pilot or cyno alt in a pinch

Positive Wallet
0.0 Security Status
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita
NPC Corp


  • JDC V
  • JDO V
  • Gallente Carrier V
  • TLR V
  • FHM V on 11/17
  • Fighters V


  • Full Set HG Amulet + EM-705, EM-805, HG-1005

I can start you off at 26b

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

I can offer 28b for it as nyx alt :slight_smile:

raise to 30b

Offer for 30b accepted, please send ISK to character and account name in game that will be transferred to and I will begin transfer process

Why is a char worth 74 skill injectors (~54 bil) being sold for 30b? Price of the extractors?

74*350.000.000 = 26b. Injector 650M but extractor for injector 300M

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Account name sent in game, isk already sent to “Skylee Aurieux”

ISK and account name received, character transfer initiated at 12:36

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