SOLD - WTS 442M SP 2004 char marked for resculpting

“Chi Prime” is looking for a good home! The 2004 character has 442 million skillpoints spread over the following categories. He is marked for resculpting, meaning you can make the character look however you want.

Decent killboard stats:
91.4% ships kill/loss
98.9% isk kill/loss

The character:

  • is marked for resculpting, meaning you can make it look however you want

  • has 1 bonus remap (currently training trade skills/corporation skills)

  • security status 5.0

  • is located in Jita 4-4

  • positive isk balance

  • has EVERY skillbook in the game avalilable to players exept the four titan skillbooks
    even has the 24 billion “Astronautic Engineering” skill

  • character is located in Jita 4-4

  • comes with three implant sets, all located in Jita 4-4:
    Mid-grade amulet set
    Mid-grade mimesis set
    +5 learning set + alchemist

  • clones
    deathclone currently set to H-PA29 in nullsec, one jump from Zarzakh
    a jumpclone in 6NJ8-V (guristas home HQ system)

  • 112 ship skins, including:
    Abaddon valkyrie - none for sale in Jita
    Typhoon Valkyrie ~ 1b
    Crow State Police ˜ 5b
    Ishtar Federal Police ~ 3b
    Vedmak Red Meatgrinder ~ 2.3b
    12 guristas skins
    15 republic fleet skins
    (no halcyon dawn skins)

  • nobody has kill rights to kill the character

  • the only standings below -2 (where only level 1 agents are available) are:
    Ammatar Mandate faction
    Blood Raiders corp
    (check out the character sheet for more details on standings)

  • relatively short corp history for a 19-year old character

To inject this many skillpoints would cost more than 2.1 trillion (if you could get that many injectors at current prices), without skillbooks, but would allow you to choose your own name. But, it would not be a 2004 character.

The auction ends at 1800 eve time on the 3rd of December. The buyout is 442b.

All CCP rules apply


I’ll start you off at 20b. He seems to be lacking a little in Trade skills. If you want a charity sale, I will use him forever. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Very nice character and sales post, I hope you get the ISK that he deserves)


what is BO?

250b offer

320B offer

330B offer

Edit: Just to clarify, you say:

has EVERY skillbook in the game exept the four titan skillbooks

I do not see Black Market Trading, trained. Is it injected?

350B offer
What is your intended price?

355b offer

Thank you for your offer.

I vaguely remember that skill… But it is not shown on the character sheet under “All skills”, nor available on the market or on contracts. I think maybe the skill was injected, but it was removed from the game and the skillpoints were given back, but I could be wrong. Do you know of anyone that has the skill on their character now?

Chi Prime does not have that skill, nor any GM-only skills like Polaris Frigate or Jove ship skills. I should probably update the post to clarify that, thank you.

I updated my post, thank you for pointing out that I had not set a buyout.

A legacy skill that I know you could acquire with a specific background, not acquirable now, but was never removed from characters that had it.

I do remember it now. But, are you sure it was not removed from the game? Because if I go to “All skills” on the character sheet it doesn’t show that skill, but it does have the “Astronautic Engineering” skill, even on characters that do not have it. I would think the same would be true for the Black Market Trading skill.

Do you know anyone that has it? Can you get a screenshot of how it looks for them? There is a good chance the skill was injected, but maybe it can only be seen through the API or something. Would be another good selling point for this character.

370B offer

375B offer

400B offer
I don’t think anyone has a higher price than me, please sell to me

When does the auction end?

I have set the action end to next Sunday, a week from now. An auction spanning less than two weekends sounds unreasonable for a price tag this high.

I have lowered the buyout to 442b (1b for each m sp), with a week left on the auction.

Thank you so much for your offer! I suspect you may be right, but I feel that an auction with this high of a price tag should span a minimum of two weekends to give interested people a chance to see it :slight_smile:

I’m surprised there are not many offers at and above your buyout price range, especially considering this characters age and high sp, with a sparkle of a good zkill on the side. you might have to definitely extend the auction duration, because i doubt this character is only worth 442b isk when as you said, it would cost 2.1 trillion to inject. also, not many that can afford this so time is needed for those few that can to see the sale.

very cool character!

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