[SOLD] WTS 45.7M SP + 3M Unallocated, T2 Naglafar, PVP alt

Character has 45.7M SP w/ 3M SP unallocated, trained in T2 Naglafar, great PVP support alt, decent Loki pilot.

pass: 1337

In NPC corp
Positive wallet
No killrights
Located in Jita 4-4

B/O 37B

I can do 26B

Let’s see an offer over 30B

bump, still looking for offers

24 . 5 bil for limited time

25b offer

25.5 b/o

28B offer

25.50 bil b/o … orginal bid retracted

@Aish_Naari make it 32B and we have a deal

Redacting the 32B offer to Aish, and looking for 35B B/O currently

bump, still looking for an offer of 35B

32b :wink:

@SdeeeL I think that’s a reasonable offer. Confirm on forum, then send isk, and I will start the character transfer

cornfirm. isks send

@SdeeeL Confirming isk received. What target account would you like it sent to? I get an error “Target user has too many characters” when attempting to transfer to @SdeeeL

send you an ingame mail with the account name :slight_smile:

Transfer complete!

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