WTS 45m SP *Perfect Gunnery Naglfar* also Dictor/Hic/Loki toon -SOOOOOOLD-

WTS Myself 45mil sp Naglfar/Sabre/Broadsword/Loki alt

Notable skills
Minmatar defense subsystems V
minmatar offensive subsystems V
Minmatar dreadnought V
Minmatar Frigate V
Minmatar Destroyer V
Minmatar Cruiser V
Interdictors IV
Heavy interdictors IV
T2 Capital guns
Jump Drive Operation/Calibration V
Tactical Weapon Reconfig V
Gunnery support skills V
Sheld Management V
Shield support skills IV
Drones V
Light drones V
Medium drones V
Heavy drones V
Drone sharpshooter V
Drone navigation V
Drone interfacing V
All scanning skills to IV (Except survey III)

Also can be trained quickly into carriers as has all perquisite skills for fighters/carriers

Character is in NPC Corp
Wallet balance : 0
Jump clones : none
Kill rights : none
Location : Kisogo (3j jita)
Positive killboard Artemis Swiftt | Character | zKillboard
Skill board : Artemis Swiftts Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Looking for offers over 40billion. Post will run until 10/07/22

Looking for the expected quotation


27 bil

Will offer 32B B/O right now if interested Wont go any higher as i can buy higher SP for 32B and re-configure, but this will just save me time Will be used, not extracted.

Bump s

33.5B isk B/O 24 hour expiry.

Hi bro how long does it take for the character to fly the munin thx

If I get no more offers before 24 hours I will consider it

34B B/O right now, and we got a deal.

36b and I can start transfer asap

missing controlled bursts,
missing thermodynamics,
5mil SP in drones for no apparent reason???,
2,5m SP in scanning…

Since the Tanya Guy will fall through anyway and the highest other offer is 27b ill be offering 28b, valid 2 days

Didn’t know you needed cap on projectiles… If you read the description which you didn’t this use to be a carrier pilot and I extracted the carrier skills hence why I put prerequisites for carrier/fighters, and yes you know it is helpful to have scanning on a C5 krabbing alt. I decline your offer good bye.

Bit rude, i’m unsure how my deal will fall through? i have more than enough isk to purchase this toon, and 5 more of the same price bracket if i wished to? Just because you see me doing other trades, does not imply i cannot affoard more than one thing?

Are you willing to stretch to 36bil Tanya? and he seems to be a know it all that knows nothing :smiley:

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34B is kind of where i’d sit with this toon, mainly because it’s a carrier toon i want, and i will have to pump some isk into him. Let your auction run and see if someone not as ‘big headded’ turns up, and if you have no luck, get back in touch and we can discuss :slight_smile:

Ok I would be willing to do it for 35b as a buyout now if that makes any difference

I’m headded to bed so i will take another look at the skillsheet tomorrow and give you a decision, i’ve also had a little wine, so dont want to make hasty decisions in my current state haha.

Hopefully you find someone with a better offer but for today, i do stand firm sorry haha.

Will check back here tomorrow, and if it’s not gone we can see what we can agree with :slight_smile:

No problem, appreciate that speak to you tomorrow

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Hey Are you around atall?