pw is 1234

48,221,329 sp

-Links Toon all lvl 5 minus info (3)
-Perfect Miner and Refiner with Exhumers
-Science and PI Great plus
-Anchoring 5
-Perfect Scanner and Exploration Runner

-Engineering and Shields near Max

-Drones to Medium are Max

-Navigation Near Max

  • Minmatar BC 5
    -Gallente BC 5
    -Amarr and Caldari Cruiser 5
    -Caldari Frigate 5
    -Exhumers and Mining Barges 5

Starting Bid at 35B Please

35 bil

36 bil

37 bil

38 bil


39 bil

Ill accept your offer of 39 Bill. :slight_smile:

Please send ISK and account information and ill begin transfer.

ISK and acc info sent

ISK Received.

Transfer under way. Thank you enjoy your character!

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