SOLD WTS 49M SP rorqual/rev char for 42b

Looking to sell my rorqual/rev char she can use t2 siege and t2 lazers has amarr dread 4 i believe she can do some indy crap but her main focus was to max out the rorqual which she did can use drone ect… PW 1234

She will be in a npc corp in highsec space positive wallet
3.6 sec status
dont bother posting on here if you are not willing to pay the 42b for her

want 42b for her
I pay transfer

Eveskillboard link?

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pending eve skill board i will offer 48B

PW 1234

offer 34bil.

Mmm :thinking: XD

35bil can send isk now

45 is lowest i am willing to sell her for

44 is lowest i am willing to sell her for @Lucinda_Trade

Still for sale




Character is still in goonswarm and not in a NPC corp?

once i have a price it will be moved into NPC corp

@Raynor_Aileron are you interested

I am but I have to sell assets so I cant place an offer atm.

@Raynor_Aileron ok let me know when and how long

Updated “i pay transfer” now

She still for sale.