(Sold) WTS 52.7M Sp - Amarr Spec - Aeon Ready - Fleet PvP - Logi - Hulk

(Tample II) #1

He is a Highly skilled (Was before they added some skills) Aeon Candidate, he will need to add the support fighters and light fighters skill, he can fly a good spread of ships and has a very nice layout of skills.

Very Good Drone Skills
Very Good Hulk Skills
Very Good Logi


Location - G-d0n3 - Razor Space - Sitting undocked in a poorly fit Archon that wont Survive (not included in price)

He hasn’t been active for a few years so your going to have some small skill holes to fill, that said very little fat to trim.

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Great toon, served me very well,

Starting Bid 40B

B/O Offers welcome
Lowball Offers welcome

Isk and Questions can be directed to Lexiswashere
I will pay Transfer Fee in Cash

(Maizie Fields) #2

40 billion

(Dock Holder) #3

41 bill

(Maizie Fields) #4

42 bil

(Dock Holder) #5

43 bill

(Tample II) #6

43 Is not bad, Considering the offer!

(Tample II) #7

43B Offer Accepted, Character has been purchased

(Dock Holder) #8

isk transferred and sent account information

(system) closed #9

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