[SOLD] WTS 61m sp PVP pilot

WTS PVP pilot.


No killrights.
In NPC station in Jita in training clone.
No jump clones or additional clones.
Positive wallet.
140+ skins, several premium.
Magic 14 at 100%, excellent support skills

Can fly:
Phoenix and Naglfar
All T3C
All Recon, HIC, HAC
Boosh, dictor, T3D

B/O is 70b.

No extract-value offers please.

I thought we had a deal? for 70b. But cool gl

We do so long as you send the isk. :slight_smile:

Was just listing it here in case you’d changed your mind, as had gone past 24 hours.

No, give me 20 mins ill send the isk and the account details.

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Isk sent. Acc details sent

Isk and acc details received, transfer paid and character sent. :slight_smile:

Hey, am I supposed to see the character? or will I see it in 10 hours? no confirmation of anything happening so far

Yeah you won’t get any “official” confirmation, I don’t think it even generates an email lol. You’ll just see the character after the 10 hours has elapsed. Guess they just do it this way since it’s easy for devs/GMs to reverse it if people try pulling a fast one. :man_shrugging:

Ok thank you for the response. Ill let you know in 10 hours. Thanks again 07

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If you log into the account on the account management page, at the bottom cllick character transfer, it’ll show you if one is in progress to the account.

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