SOLD WTS 73 Mil SP Miner/Researcher/Planet/Scanner

Hello, I’m selling this well skilled pilot:

Date of Birth 2012-09-03
Skill Points 73,064,141
Unallocated SP 8,000
Yearly Remap 1
Security Status 1.83
The pilot is located in Hi-Sec Asrios, Kador.
This pilot has a 0 ISK wallet.
Pilot has Improved implants, good science implants and a Inherent Implants ‘Yeti’ Ice Harvesting IH-1003 implant.
Pilot is a well skilled miner.
Pilot has 3 Hi-Sec Jump Clones.
Pilot has no Kill Rights.
Corp mail sent and has been dropped to NPC corp.
Bidding starts at 60 Billion. B/O 65B


Bump. Bid under consideration. Awaiting further bids.

Bump time.

Offer still stand?

Accepted, Please transfer the ISK to Dakius and I’ll start the transfer as soon as possible. I’m in the EST time zone and heading to work. But I can start the transfer from the, too.

Isk and Info sent

Transfer action completed. Transferred to TrexHex. Should be completed by 21:42 EVE time. Thank you!

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