SOLD WTS 7m SP Caldari Inty Scout 2007 Char

(jemmi) #1

Selling this guy w/ 7 m SP;
Pos Isk
No killrights
No Jump clone
Located in High sec, Kisogo 1.0
Good core skills

Please make offer if interested.

Edit: B/O 6.5 Bil

(Absolute Truth) #2

4b offered

(TheBank Manager) #3

4,5b isk

(jemmi) #4

Thx for the offers,
I’ll take the highest bid at the end of 24 hrs from OP,
or take B/O of 6.5 Bil if reached,

(Tyronnix) #5

4.7bill isk ready

(Xanthi White) #6

5b and ready to transfer

(Tyronnix) #7


(screaming beaver) #8

5.5 Bil.

(jemmi) #10

Bid closing in ~ 3 hrs or 15:50 Eve time.

(jemmi) #11

Auction closed, high bid is screaming beaver at 5.5 bil.
Send Isk and Acct info to jemmi and I can start transfer process,

(jemmi) #12

If I don’t get response from high bidder by 15:50 Eve (24 hrs) I’ll have to cancel the sale.
Plz send Isk and Acct info so we can get it done.

(jemmi) #13

Time expired, character back on sale again

(Absolute Truth) #14

My bid for 4b is still good, isk ready.

(jemmi) #15

Extraction value is worth much more; minimum I can do is 5.5 bil…

(Absolute Truth) #16

You can only extract down to 5m SP. You’re looking at ~1.8b or so instant isk after the cost of extractors is factored in.

(TheBank Manager) #17

as agreed - isk and info hav been send

(jemmi) #18

Sold to TheBank Manager for 5.5 bil via in-game mail agreement

Edit: Transfer has been initiated.

(system) #19

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