SOLD WTS 7m SP Caldari Inty Scout 2007 Char

Selling this guy w/ 7 m SP;
Pos Isk
No killrights
No Jump clone
Located in High sec, Kisogo 1.0
Good core skills

Please make offer if interested.

Edit: B/O 6.5 Bil

4b offered

4,5b isk

Thx for the offers,
I’ll take the highest bid at the end of 24 hrs from OP,
or take B/O of 6.5 Bil if reached,

4.7bill isk ready

5b and ready to transfer


5.5 Bil.

Bid closing in ~ 3 hrs or 15:50 Eve time.

Auction closed, high bid is screaming beaver at 5.5 bil.
Send Isk and Acct info to jemmi and I can start transfer process,

If I don’t get response from high bidder by 15:50 Eve (24 hrs) I’ll have to cancel the sale.
Plz send Isk and Acct info so we can get it done.

Time expired, character back on sale again

My bid for 4b is still good, isk ready.

Extraction value is worth much more; minimum I can do is 5.5 bil…

You can only extract down to 5m SP. You’re looking at ~1.8b or so instant isk after the cost of extractors is factored in.

as agreed - isk and info hav been send

Sold to TheBank Manager for 5.5 bil via in-game mail agreement

Edit: Transfer has been initiated.

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