*SOLD* WTS : 80m SP sub cap pilot

Hi ! I have to let go this gorgeous redhead : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Trysh_Jaynara

Yearly remap available + 2 bonus

She is an excellent WH pilot :

Excellent scanning and hunting
Excellent sub cap mining et reprocessing
Excellent logi

She did great for many years, and i hate having to leave this game, but here we are.

Starting Bid: 65bil
B/O: 90b

All ccp rules apply
Pilot is in NPC corp, sitting in jita 4-4 and will have few mills in wallet
No JC. No KR.

Make offers !


66 bil

I’ll let this open for now…

75 billion

77b isk ready

I’ll close this thread this evening. If noone bids higher, Trysh will be yours.

Ok. As said, offer accepted, and Trysh Jaynara is sold to Big Pops for 77b ISK. Waiting for money and transfer infos.

Will do in about an hour as I get on, will send isk and info to ‘Trysh Jaynara’.

Isk and info sent

ISK received. Transfer initiated.


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