***SOLD*** WTS 89 Mill SP very very skilled mining and Manu character

(Django Schneider) #1


positive wallet
positive sec
located in HS, Dodixie

Very Skilled mining and manufacturing pilot.

Starting bid 40 Billion

I will receive ISK
I will pay transfer fees.

WTS Very skilled mining and Manu Char 89 Million SP
(ProjectPhoenix) #2

60 bil

(Gattanera) #3

69 bil

(Django Schneider) #5

@ProjectPhoenix 70 bill and he’s yours let me know :slight_smile:

(Gattanera) #6

I will do 70b

(ProjectPhoenix) #7

i will pass…

(Django Schneider) #8

sold to @Gattanera for 70 Billion isk.

Please send me the isk and details :slight_smile:


(Django Schneider) #10

@ProjectPhoenix sold to you for 60 Bill.

Send ISK and details to me please.

(ProjectPhoenix) #11

isk and account info sent… please transfer pilot

(Django Schneider) #12

Transfer underway

Enjoy :sunny:

(system) #13

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