[SOLD] WTS 9.5M SP Wormhole Nestor/Rattle Pilot


3 remaps available
Located in Amarr
NPC Corp
Positive wallet

Start bidding at 6b

6b bid

I’ll close the bidding at 7:00 eve time or at a buy out of 14b.

I bid via ingame mail at 16:00 Eve time, did you receive my offer?

What is the current bid?

Current bid is 6b by Zhapp Brannigann due his bid being about 30mins earlier.

@Uzguz @Zhapp_Brannigann

6.5b bid

1 hour remaining on auction. Current bid is 6.5b.

6.6b bid

Sold to Syn Vath at 6.6b. send isk and acct to send it to and I will start the transfer @Syn_Vath

Isk and account name sent

transfer initiated

Thank you kindly and a pleasure doing business with you, will confirm when character is received.

sounds good. pleasure doing business

Character received thanks again!