SOLD - WTS 97.2M SP PVP 2004 Toon

Selling Myself:

This character is a beast in PvP - solo, small gang, fleets - and has everything he needs to make some isk on the side. A great main character.

97.2M SP
Primarily PvP Focused
Also has some industry to make ISK

Amarr Battleship V & Carrier III
Recon V
Logi V
Interceptors V
Electronic Attack Ships V
All Racial Cruiser/Desi/BC to V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
13.9M SP in Gunnery
14.1M SP in Missiles
Shield Mgmt/Op/Upgrades V

Location: High sec
Sec Status: Very negative - YARR (if it is a problem, can arrange to buy it up before xfer)
No kill rights
9.24 standing with caldari state (9.55 Ytiri, 9.42 Caldari Navy, 9.71 Ishikone Watch)
Pos wallet, newbie corp

Buyout: Open

Have in game bid for 80.5


82bil b/o offer

B/O Accepted - please send isk and account info, will transfer once received

Isk and account info sent

Confirmed, will xfer

Transfer notice received, thank you.

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