[SOLD] WTS basic 14M SP Mining/Salvaging/Transport utility alt


Skillpoints: 14,026,798

Docked in Jita 4-4

Relevant skills:
Exhumers 5 + Mining 5 + Astrogeology 5 + Ice Harvesting 5 + Mining Drones 5 + Drone Interfacing 5
ORE Industrial 5 + Salvaging 5
Caldari Industrial 5 + Caldari Freighter 3 (can fly Caldari transport ships & Freighters)

Jump Clone 1: Jita 4-4
Ocular Filter - Basic
Neural Boost - Standard
Highwall MX-1005 (+5% mining implant)

Jump Clone 2 (current): Jita 4-4
Yeti IH-1005 (+5% ice harvesting implant)

Positive wallet 5M isk
No kill rights
0.0 sec status
Neural remap available + 3 bonus remaps

10B B/O

7B isk ready

Daily bump
7B is a bit low so I’ll give it a few more days

8B offer

10b B/O

ok, you can send isk and details

ISK and Acct name sent!

All done on my end, enjoy.

Cheers, will confirm when it shows up!

Character received, Thanks for the sale!

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