- SOLD - WTS Basic Rorqual Toon 19.3m SP

(Kannix Bindumm) #1

Selling this toon:


It was stripped once, but then i decided to do rorqual mining.

Positive wallet
No Killrights
Located in High Sec (Perimeter)
No Clones anywhere
In NPC Corp
2 remaps available

It´s missing some great skills and has no jumping-relevant skills (i know,i´m bad, no discussion please)
because of this…

Sarting bid is 15B

No B/O
No Reserve
Accepting ingame offers

(Dum spirospero) #2

15B to kick this off

(MetaTrader) #3

15.5 bil

(Dum spirospero) #4

still there?
16 bil.

(Kannix Bindumm) #5

Still there. this will end tomorrow @ 22:00

(Yuki Domari) #6


(Dum spirospero) #7

17B B/O?

(Kannix Bindumm) #8

accepting 17B…waiting for ISK

(Dum spirospero) #9

Confirm ISK and account has been sent.

(Kannix Bindumm) #10

ISK recieved, charakter in transfer

(Dum spirospero) #11

I’ve received the character - transfer completed - thanks! - can be closed

(system) #12

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