SOLD Wts Caldari Trader, with high rep and full geno, 13.87m, 1m free

Full geno implant set, two +5

8.55 caldari navy corporation with connections

the character is in perimeter, no killing rights, positive wallet, have in the current body +5 implants *2, one extra clone in perimeter II

6 bil offer

6.5b offer :slight_smile:

7b here

Hi! What are you waiting for? Nice offer, 4 days gone. Do you really want to sale toon or not?

Its no nice. I dont sell at that price.

Probably is better wait a, extract more and sell it.

At extraction price is 8b, and the reputation and geno implants are notr free. By the way i was thinking in 9 minimum.

I think something wrong with your calculation, With current price of PLEX, extractors and injectors, extracting price is 5.86 mil. 336kk from one 500k extraction. Don’t forget broker fee 1.35% (at max rep) and tax 3.6%. 1 bil over extraction is for your free SP and some precursors in engineering. Trade skills are not popular, so Caldary Navy rep too. Geno set has almost zero cost at 14 mil toon. So, if you extract some from this toon, it will not change situation and total price. But, of course, it’s for you to decide.

No thanks, i note your offer but is better hold him.

There one empty slot left on my accounts, and i want to fill it ASAP. So i can offer even 8 bil for you.

I agree , send the isk and i transfer.

ISK and account info sent, waiting for transfer.

received- one of my ships in ther system have a ship with a filled container. i transfer in twenty minutes aprox.

transfer done, please answer the thread when you receive the character or the eve real world mail.

Character received, thank you.

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