SOLD WTS CHaracter WIth and Minmatar reputation and 5 PI 10.7m sp, 790k free

Him i not need more this character and plan to sell him.

Many books injected, two geno implants

Mimnmatar with Connections IV 5.31 , SOE 5.33, 0.23 triglavian collective

Brutor Tribe 8.15
Feedom extension 6.03
Pend insurance 5.89

They are corporations to get Navy ammo in minmatar

Was used to reprocesisng and industry extracted when scarcity come.

Is in the forge jita zone, no kill rights, all ccp rules applied.

If interested answer the thrad, i am not reading eve mail

2bil, sir

3b from me.

3.5 bil

3.75 b

4b so far

i offer 4.75b

Give 5b

Because a no related item, i can sell him at 5.1, can i get that ? Ready for transfer.

I agree 5.1 bil. Sending ISK and account info ingame.

ready to transfer, currently the transfer page is making an error, not loading.

Character was transfered. Please confirm when you receive the ccp eve in real world mail or the character

Character received. Thanks!

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