SOLD WTS Extracted Avatar Pilot Has Bills worth of skill books

As the title says this toon has been extracted. Sitting around 5 mill SP.

However he still has all the skill books required for an Avatar, Doomsday, Dread, Blops.

In total that’s around 7 bill worth of capital skill books. (the titan book is 6 bill alone)

So make me an offer and save yourself a few bill on skill books.

bump must be 5 characters?

Yes need be seven characters

I can offer you 7b

I’ll take it. If you still want him.

Give me Five minutes, i send the isk in 5 minutes

isk and account sent

confirming isk and account information as been received.

I will now begin the transfer process

Transfer has been completed on my end.
If you don’t mind. Please confirm on your end.

Thank you very much for a quick easy sale.

  • Guy who was once Yenn but is no more.

Character received., By the way, as info, i purchased you with the sell of some orcas mined entierely by one character in high sec. I sold that orcas and purchase you.

You are symbolic for me.

That’s sounds like quite the grind. I have no doubt with that kind of commitment you will have him back in a titan soon enough.

enjoy him

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