SOLD WTS Female 8.2m Amarr Trade with Tycoon and 1.8 unalloc

Selling for the Taxes changes, zero history.

All the important trade skills to v, near to finishig margin tradining V

1.8m unallocated

Emperor Family 6.2558 Without connections.

The account expire tomorrow, dont plan to hold account.

Is in hisec, positivewallet, no killing rights, +5 implants, all ccp rules apply.

Answer th thread, dont reading eve mail.

how will you do transfer of toon

Credit Card in 30 min.

5 bil

5.2 and is a deal , i pay in credit card.

5.5 bil

Accepted, i enter in a pilot in one moment to approve. Need half hour to fund CC and transfer ASAP.

I accept the 5.5 offer.

sending isk and destination account momentarily

isk and info sent

Received, i need 30 min aprox.

no worries :slight_smile:

Hi, i receive one moment ago the Mail of the transfer, please confirm if you receive too the cpp email.

Sorry for the delay. I have received the confirmation email. Thank you!

Thanks for the business. Enjoy !

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