WTS 5.3mil SP Nemesis, Hecate, and Stratios Pilot Pvp / FW / Exploration 2.75mil


5,877,649 sp
Location = Ishomilken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support
Wallet Balance = 0 ISK
Kill Rights = None
No Jump Clones
Available Neural Remap and 1 Bonus
3 Astero Bonus Skins Blue Cell, Fire Cell, and Gold Cell
All Exoplanet Hunters Skins
And all the Capsuleer Elite XV Skins
+25,000 LP in

Drones 5
Small Hybrid Turret 5
Small Projectile Turret 5
Missile Launcher Operation 5
Industry 5
Gallente Frigate 5
Gallente Destroyer 5

Great at:
-Can fly Mining Barges
-Really Good Explorer Skills not perfect though
-T1 Frigates and Faction Frigate
-FW Warfare

4Billion up for Offers and Negotiation

+25000 lp in Caldari FW *

Bump! and now 3.5bil

3.5bil isk ready

Uh gjinn i might of extracted 500000 lp will you take 3bil for 5.3mil lp sorry

I would offer you 2,4bil isk ready.

2.75bil and ill make a deal

il do 2.75

K how do is set it up to trade

SOLD to Cpt williamkidd

How do i trade it to you

Isk and Mail with account details sent.

So wait i gotta pay 20usd? Or do i just give you the account username and pass through evemail

it can be done with plex, 1000 plex and put a support ticket in.

Trading accounts is against EULA.

if you wish to cancel sale, tell me and return the isk and its fine.

K i wish to cancel sorry i did not know that i had to use 1000plek. Im sorry bro

thats fine, please return the 2.75bil to my toon and its all good.

Wait u sent me 2.75 bil?

To which account

as per character sale rules i sent Maximus Peewee 2.75bil

Oh ok i will send it back but right now I’m at school and i don’t have my computer on me is there way i can send it back now before i get home and have access to my computer to send you the 2.75nil back. Or can you wait until 4:30 (CST)