SOLD WTS Female Exhumer 9m nice name no histotry Is exhumer near mining barge V, but enough points to check her in exhumer in less as a day. Good miner, interceptor too.

In few words, i extract of her a little but can use exhumer 5 if u apply a little in mining barge, of the reaining points she have. Is in Alpha state then i cant do myself.

I transfer with credit card, then near instant.

No kill rights have positive wallet, all ccp rules apply, if interested answer thread.

I am for sale.


8b buy out.

can you do 7?

maybe, i gi wit for something better. 9if in two days not sold i sell to you

will take for 8b. Sent in game mail

Ok sent the isk and give me around 20 minutes and i transfer.

isk sent waiting transfer

Received, sent me the account name and i transfer in 20 min aprox. was moving some furniture in house and have a disaster.

already sent

Dont find account name , ready for transfer.

Transfer email received. We are good to go

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