SOLD WTS Legion Pilot, 9.7m SP 2004 Character SOLD

Selling this guy ;

Pos Isk,
No kill rights
Located in Amarr, Oris
NPC Corp, No Jump clones, no implants,
Good Core skills,

Offers plz,

7 Bil Isk ready

Thx for the bid, will let it run awhile longer and see what comes in.


Going to close the sale in ~ 5hrs or 21:00 Eve time and take high bid.

these other people are way over bidding… If you close your auction and dont get a response form them hmu, I bid 5 bill ( that is higher then the toons actual worth )

My bid of 7 stands just beacuse i have a specific use for it but no other reason because it is in need of alot of work

Would extract the 9 skill injectors and biomass before accepting the 5 bil but thx for your input.
Each bidder decides what a toon is worth to them.

lol so you would make less off this toon for what? spite? because someone told you its not worth what you want? Do it! and post screen shots!

idk about people bidding what its worth to them, probably just not doing math and guessing… or trolling you

7.1b B/O, Online now

Hi bidder is Praise at 7.5 bil…

7.6b abnd we start now :slight_smile:

Thx for high bid Achiwo bidding ends in ~ 50 min.

8bil offer

8.1b b/o

I was afk and since there are 2 recent bids 1 min apart will go to 20:15 Eve time and call it.

Winning bid is Achiwo for 8,1 Bil
Send Isk and Acct info and will start Transfer,
Thx for all the bids

Ty for the B/O of 8.1b. I will collect the info/isk and send it to you… give me 2 min.

ISK and info are send.

Got it and Transfer initiated.
Thx for buying, enjoy Kigori…