SOLD WTS Perfect Alpha with 26.36M 6.73m unallocated

Currently have real life problems to pay the subscription, and thininking in sell these for reactivate my other tton as Omega.

19,625,184 points allocated and
6735500 unallocated.

Great Total 26.360,684

This character is special in the sense has training in all the alpha Stuff. Ideal for abyssals or theorycraft the only omega she has is :

Long Distance Jamming I
Infomorph Psychology III
Cybernetics IV
Accounting IV
Trade IV

Is in high sec, no killing rights , i pay the transfer, positive wallet. Interested in sale at decent price.

12.5bil buy out

I offer 13B

14b offer isk ready

14.5B, isk ready, can be trade anytime.

15b :slight_smile:

My goal is 17.2b

ok, 17.2b b/o

Deal, send the isk and account name and i begin the transfer.

isk sent, just working out what account i want it on !

isk received. i begin to contract the items to my other char.

mail sent with account name

Transfer done

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