SOLD CHeck Price Perfect Alpha with 6.73M Skill points 26.36M total

Currently have real life problems to pay the subscription, and thininking in sell these for reactivate my other tton as Omega.

She is Character Sheet

The new Skill board dont list the UNUSED Skill points.
19,625,184 points allocated and
6735500 unallocated.

Great Total 26.360,684

This character is special in the sense has training in all the alpha Stuff. Ideal for abyssals or theorycraft the only omega she has is :

Long Distance Jamming I
Infomorph Psychology III
Cybernetics IV
Accounting IV
Trade IV

Not sure the price of this character, if i receive a good offer probably sell tomorrow or saturday. Please answer the thread i am not in this cracater, i am more in @Vexor_Sigma character.

I am in High sec, only one clone with +4 implants, no killing rights, ┬┤positive wallet and i pay the transfer

Skin rare, pacifier DED Army reserve skin

Total Skillpoints: 19,625,184
Unallocated Skillpoints: 6,735,500
Total Skillpoints: 26,360,684

This is what i see on your skillboard

now, some hours ago display 0

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today Bump

how much would you want?

I was thinking in 19 , because the price for 0.7 per million is 18.6 (26.6*0.7=18.6), and need two implants. offer ?

17b offer

17.2 i need the implants and can deliver in ten minutes.

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