SOLD WTS Pretty Female with 3 Premium Ikitursa Skin

This is a female character with 1.7m Skill points, you are purchasing the char for the three premium Skins she had , and is very similar to Anne Hattaway Look. Check her in game.

The Skin all-stars casino is 40b in game.
The skin Liminal Crossings is 6.4b in game
The niflhel is 35b in game.

I get the skins making two transfers, then i need get at least three months of game play at normal places. The third transfer will be to your account.

Minimum Bid = 7.5b Less than that is a loss for me.

No History, is in high sec AGTVER Metropolis, no killing rights, positive wallet. Answer the thread if interested. NO jump clones

1 Wallet Balance Zero is positive
2 Kill rights no i have not
3 Jump Clones no
4 Character location High sec agtver metropolis
5 i pay the transfer.



Wait i retract, no skills at all

Bump Again


Acceoted, sent the isk and account name and i transfer.

Isk and acc details sent

AHHHH I would have bought this!


9b if it hasn’t gone through

Sorry cheese =(

Transfer done one momento ago to Alice

don’t you think it’s rude of you to intervene after the bet has been accepted and the ISK has been sent?

ready to make up the difference so that there are no regrets, send me a mail ingame

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Profile - AIice - EVE Online Forums I transfer already and cant enter the character. If u want sent me the difference, sent to – Character removed –
I receive the extra ISK. Many thanks !!!

Done, TY for iki, have a nice day :hugs:

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