For sale: A vanilla C5 with a C5 static

Astrahus fitted and fueled
Raitaru fitted and fueled with manufacturing and reprocessing services (currently offline)
Both have cloning

10 planets - 4 barren, 4 gas, 1 lava, 1 oceanic - including 10 transferable POCOs, or remove from the price and pay 5% tax on PI

Full defense fleet - Feroxes, scorpions, scythes, lachesis/huginn, griffins

Shared Mods and Shared Ships hangar full of salvagers, indy ships, epithals for PI, drifter tackle, assorted mods

2 stronghold-capable Rattlesnakes and 3 nestors for running drifters.

Asking 9.2b Shared Ships hangar Director Ships hangar Rolling ships Shared mods

Naglfar and thanatos, not included in price

System coords?

What’s inflating the price so much? An astra and a rait aren’t worth 9b unless you’ve T2 rigged em?

I forgot to include 2 stronghold-capable Rattlesnakes (1.4b ea) and the 3 nestors for running drifters. Also, all the planets have POCOs. Editing now.

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Offer made


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