S/B: 37B
B/O: 39B


Loc: Jita 4-4
Corp: NPC
Sec Status: -1.5
Kill Rights: NONE
Jump Clones: 1
Isk: Positive

This is a pilot for some one that wants to PVP, Mine and Build at the same time.

  • Can fly Anshar.
  • Perfect Hulk.
  • Can build Titans.
  • Capital Pilot ready, just a few hours away from Dread and a few days from Aux and Carriers.
  • Amarr PVP Pilot T1 Variants and Recon ready.

35b ready now

Please send isk and Acc info to this character in game.


Character Name: Rassle

Will be completed after: 11/4/2018 2:29:38 AM

Thnx for Purchase. o7 Treat him well.

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