This character, as the subject says. Charles Konrad

Positive wallet, in Amarr, -0.31 sec status.

No jump clones

No killrights

Short corp history

Original name

Fly’s t2 minny haulers

4 billion isk reserve,

Auction ends 12/18/18 15:00 est.

4BIl Offer

Reserve met, current bid 4b isk. 3.5 hours remaining.

Auction ended. Psycho Drive has the winning (and only) bid of 4 billion isk. Please post here when isk has been transferred and I will do the character transfer.

Isk sent 4BIl

2018.12.18 21:30:33 Player Donation -4,000,000,000 ISK 99,989,500 ISK [r] Psycho Drive deposited cash into Charles Konrad’s account

Account name sent in Evemail to the character Charles Konrad

Isk received, character transferred. Thank you.

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