** SOLD**

I’m for sale

Excellent buy for someone who wants a Nyx.


  • 250,000 SP’s available
  • 2 Bonus Remaps available
  • Very small Corp History

40b isk minimum
50b isk buyout

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I would be willing to offer you 35 bil if ever you change your mind on the min bid.

36 bil

Thx for the offer. This is below my minimum. If I change my mind I’ll contact you.

36.5 )))

i can offer 37b

37.5 )))

38 bil

38.5 )))


Current bids are close to minimum… I will close this and take the highest bid tomorrow… about 24 hours.

I would like to offer 39B

I‘d like to offer 41B then

43B then

45 bill

Closing this bid and accepting highest in 1 hour.

Cole_AndTheGang I accept your bid of 45bil.

Rettisxyn, ISK and Acc name sent. ty

Transfer initiated

I have been Sold.

character received ty

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