31.6M SP (190k unallocated)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sicarius_Venandi (PASS: rorq)

Capital Industrial V
Industrial Reconfig V
Mining Drone Spec V
Bio V
Adv Industry V, Cap Construction IV
Gneiss & Spod Reproc V

**1. Wallet balance. POSITIVE
**2. Kill rights ZERO
**3. Jump clones NONE
**4. Character location. > Amsen 1.0 Lonetrek

Starting Bid: 25B
Buy Out:45B

Character is not in NPC corp and i sent you ingame mail. Reply me if you’re interested.

BUMP, in game offer received of 45b.

Take that offer - you won’t get more.

I don’t even believe he got that 45 bil in game offer.

in game offer accepted, awaiting isk transfer

ISK and account details sent, waiting for confirmation

isk received, character transfer initiated

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