Current SP: 68.4M
Unallocated: 550k

This guy can do it all! Supers, faxes, rorqs, dread, with t2 sieges on all of them!
Fighters V!

The whole shabang!!

Capital industrial ship V! Suck on all the delicious spod you want. This pilot is a great addition to get a dedicated capital alt quickly

In high sec, positive wallet, 5.0 sec status, no jump clones, NPC corp.

I will comply with CCP’s rules per selling characters on the bazaar.


61B ready

62 bil

63b already

Can you do 65?

If we can do business now, I can accept the price of 64b

I’m all ready to transfer here as well, I think 65b is reasonable.

What’s one bil between friends! :slight_smile:

Ok, then we have a deal on 65b, I will now send isk and account to you

Awesome! I accept your offer.

Isk and account have been sent to you

Please transfer

Transfer underway

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