Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

She has just over 149 million skill-points, has a diverse set of skills and would make an ideal main.

Character Information:

Date of Birth: 2004-12-29.
Location: Jita.
Security Status: 5.0.
Wallet: Positive.
Kill Rights: None.
Re-Maps: One standard re-map available. Currently mapped for maximum Perception and Willpower.
Clones: None.
Current Clone: Full +5 improved set and Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79.
Assets: None.
Corporation: NPC corporation - ready for transfer.

Dheadel - EveSkillboard

Price: 140 Billion ISK - offers welcome.

Please either eve-mail me or reply to this thread.


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Offer submitted in-game!

In-game offer of 118 billion ISK accepted.

Sending ISK and account info now.

ISK and account user name received.

Transfer will begin shortly.

Edit: @Maizie_Fields Transfer process has been started.

Thank You!

Transfer confirmed, thanks Dheadel!

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