EveSkillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kain_Laquari
Name: Kain Laquari SP: 36,188,393
Extractable Injectors: 62 (worth 28 Bil)
Kain Laquari has a positive wallet, no kills rights, 0 unallocated SP and 1 remaps available.
Location: High Sec 0.5

Level V Skills:

  • Hull Upgrades
  • Mechanics
  • Repair Systems
  • Drone Avionics
  • Drone Interfacing
  • Drone Navigation
  • Drones
  • Heavy Drone Operation
  • Light Drone Operation
  • Medium Drone Operation
  • Propulsion Jamming
  • CPU Management
  • Capacitor Management
  • Capacitor Systems Operation
  • Electronics Upgrades
  • Power Grid Management
  • Weapon Upgrades
  • Gunnery
  • Large Energy Turret
  • Large Projectile Turret
  • Medium Energy Turret
  • Medium Hybrid Turret
  • Medium Projectile Turret
  • Motion Prediction
  • Sharpshooter
  • Small Energy Turret
  • Small Hybrid Turret
  • Surgical Strike
  • Missile Launcher Operation
  • Torpedoes
  • Acceleration Control
  • Afterburner
  • Evasive Maneuvering
  • Navigation
  • Amarr Cruise
  • Amarr Frigate
  • Gallente Cruiser
  • Recon Ships
  • Spaceship Command
  • Signature Analysis

Auction ends on 23 December 2019.
Starting Bid: 25 Billion ISK
Reserve: 28 Bilion ISK
Bid Increments: 500 Mil
Buyout Price: 32 Billion ISK

I reserve the right to cancel this auction if reserve is not met.

I will pay the transfer costs.

[Edit] Added auction rules
[Edit] Fixed initial bid,reserve and buyout!

offer 17 bil

17.5 Bn B/O

I think it’s quite clear the starting bid is 25 Bil.

But hey, thanks for the bump

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25bn Start bid then


Looking for a little bit more, at the very least Reserve price

28B.OK ?

Ill accept 28b as a bid if you’re interested.
Will be yours if no one outbids when auction is over.

Daily bump

30b :slight_smile:

Ill accept 30B as buyout

Daily bump.

Haven’t received any news from Samuel, so for now highest Bid is 30Bil.

28 bil…

Current bid is 30Bil.

Trying to understand where that 28 bil bid comes from…

K…just checked your latest bids on other posts and, yeah…nice trolling mate.

thanks for the free bump though

I’ll bid 28 also. You cant keep a 30b bid if the guy hasnt bothered to take it forward. Let me know if you are taking it

You are right, I’ll take your 28b bid.

current highest bid belongs to Mad Mayson.
(Not considering Diana von Kruger’s bid as it has a suspicious history)

What? I think i am the highest?

This getting very confusing, Samuel…I replied to your post that I would accept your bid as a buyout abd you didn’t reply. I assumed you somewhat retracted.

So, given this, and knowing that Im willing to accept 30b Buyout, do you want to buy this toon for 30b?

If the answer is yes, please send an Eve Mail with the 30b isk and account information to where the character should be transfered to.

Sorry for all this mess

yes, I will send an email immediately