Up for Auction:

JDCal 5
Mini Dread 3

With little effort could be good dread pilot.

20 Bil opener 25 b/o

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
In NPC corp.
Located in Jita.
I will pay transfer.
Auction will run for 3 days, and end on Saturday or if and when buy out is met.

Happy bidding! :grin:

22B b/o if you take it in next hour:)

Offer retracted. Good luck.

20 bil


21 Bill


First one to 25 wins. Thanks for the bids :grin:

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25B buyout

Congrats! I’ll make the transfer as soon as I get home from work in approximately 6 hours. If you want to transfer isk now or then I can pm you at that time. Thank you.

Please confirm where isk should be delivered, you haven’t specified an account.

This Character as per guideline rules. Sorry I omitted that in original post.

Are you ready for isk and transfer?

yes i am ready for isk and transfer. need account info

Sent ingame chat request. Talk there if you’re available.

Isk sent

Isk recieved and Char transfer started

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Soontek Tazinas

Will be completed after: 9/2/2017 4:34:42 AM

Another player is transferring the character Soontek Tazinas to your account…


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