My name is phosic, I am a 2009 character with positive sec status, wallet, and located in jita 4-4. My combat skills are pretty decent but nothing to write to mother about. I am all around great character for the aspiring eve player to plot economical domination and expand into military domination.
The rest of my skills are here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/phosic

im testing out the water give me ur offers

For questions contact TyraelRo in game.

20 bil


22 bil

23 bil


offer still good?

20B ready to send ISK if no other offers valid

21b ready

22B ready

thank u for the offers i see the 22b any more offers

22.5b now

thank u for the 22.5b offer i may hold out just a little longer hope u dont mind

25b buy out will trasfer now!

23bil is my max

aslong as ur serious i will take 23b as soon as i see it hit the wallet of my char i will start transfer

i am logged in to phosic for info

ready for isk and account info for transfer

bump still for sale!

I will send u isk and acc info now