12.6M SP Research & Indy toon, Also has base covert cloaky scanning skills if needed.

Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
In High-sec
2 Bonus Remaps
Full Set of Basic Implants

Starting bid 8B
B/O 9B

5Bil Offer

6.5 bill

7 b offer

Offers noted still looking to reach starting bid to close.




bid retracted


Daily bump

Daily bump

Matching 7B offer.


The bid bid may be retracted today/tomorrow. I looking for 2 chars, and will take first two answering.
Thank you



Sorry for delay bud crashed out for work.

if not sold by COP tomorrow will extract and sell as cloaky scanner

Still for sell? I will offer 8B

Offer accepted, I am at work atm back at 1800 eve time if you sent the account details and isk I’ll get the transfer startdd as soon as I get back.

Okay, no hurry. I will send isk asap by this character: Trinityrose.
And I have to delete one of my character to accept this one. So can you start character transfer service after at least 10 hours?

Isk sent.
Account name is KingofGreenHat