Kado needs a new home. Just needs Assault Ships injected for a great Harpy Pilot

He is a solid starter with the following skills at 5 and has 426,500 unallocated SP

  • Caldari Frig 5
  • Spaceship Command 5
  • Navigation 5
  • Warp Drive Op 5
  • CPU Management 5
  • Power Grid Management 5
  • Weapon Upgrades 5
  • Hull Upgrades 5
  • Mechanics 5
  • Shield Management 5
  • Shield Operation 5
  • Signature Analysis 5
  • Gunnery 5
  • Small Hybrid 5
  • Lots of other great support skills 3s and 4s

No Corp History, No losses/kills, positive wallet and 0.0 sec status.

Is located in Caldari High-sec.

Price: 5 Billion

2.5b bid

Still available

Still available.

I would be interested. I could offer 3.5B?

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