Selling this character: pass: 6456

Starting bid at 25B

All CCP rules apply

40b Buyout Isk ready.

41bil b/o


48 bil

49 bil

Daily Bump! :peach:

First one to give me 50 bil can get it.

in-game mail sent

reply sent, awaiting payment. o/

Bump, this character is still available. :peach:

Isk sent, over by mistake, seller returning the difference. 50 bil as per agreed upon. Awaiting character transfer. Sending account info now.

funds received, please send account info so i can begin transfer.

Account info sent, thank you very much for a lovely transaction! Looking forward to the character!

transfer started, thank you. o/

Character Name: caltecia

Will be completed after: 11/5/2017 12:34:44 AM

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