Where did u send the account name??? it’s collen Nolen??

It’s in the note of the ISK transfer

@Colleen_Nolen DONE, CCP transfer fee paid in full. Please reply and close post with appropriate wording. Thanks again.

@Colleen_Nolen wait i paid and now i cant log in and transfer the isk to my alt account, what am i supposed to do now?

I’ve received the transfer email. No worries about the ISK - please confirm you want it on the alt mentioned earlier and I’ll send it when transfer is completed.

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I confirm I want it and alt = Cosmic Nomad


sending you in game details now on account name for Cosmic Nomad

don’t need account name… that’s only for moving characters. I’ll send the ISK left on AbsintheSipping Deist to Cosmic Nomad

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Well Colleen you taught me something and I finally figured out the whole system and next time it will only take 5 minutes:) thanks again enjoy him if you have any questions feel free to contact me in game with my alt. That you already know of. Thank you once again. Enjoy him.

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still on sale? pay 24b here

Hi no transfer pending, buyer didn’t update, I forgot the rules, let me update.

when you try to sale this char , once we agree here . I will send email and isk to you. Once you getting account name and isk you can start transfer